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Foundational Methods of Model Structure Evaluation
Anthony John Jakeman
Rate Equations and Memory Properties in Models of Heat Conductors
Angelo Morro
Revolutionary 21st Century Technology Advances - Transforming Education & Research
Bharat K. Soni
Computational Modelling of Soft Flowing Crystals
Sauro Succi
How to Get Molecular Dynamics and Continuum Mechanics to Steer Each Other by Molecularly-based Stress
Giovanni Ciccotti
IST Numerical Schemes for Solving NonLinear Evolution Equations (and their possible applications for solving time Fractional Differential Equations)
Thiab R Taha
Beyond Classical Exponential Analysis: Generalizations, Connections and Applications
Annie Cuyt


Another division of a cube into six tetrahedral with three similarity classes
Miguel Angel Padron
Strong stability preserving general linear methods for differential systems
Zdzislaw Jackiewicz
Study of the stability of a Generalized Finite Difference scheme applied to the Diffusion equation in highly irregular 2D space regions using convex grids.
Jose Gerardo Tinoco-Ruiz, Francisco Javier Dominguez-Mota, Gerardo Tinoco-Guerrero, Juan Salvador Lucas-Martinez
Splines of clothoids and related computational algorithms
Enrico Bertolazzi, Marco Frego, Paolo Bevilacqua
Sportello Matematico: Mathematical Technologies for Innovation
Maurizio Ceseri, Anna Melchiori, Antonino Sgalambro, Silvia Vermicelli
A Mathematical Model to Infer Underground Thermal Parameters for Designing of Borehole Heat Exchangers
Nadaniela Egidi, Josephin Giacomini, Maria Chiara Invernizzi, Pierluigi Maponi, Massimo Verdoya
Uncertainty Quantification Framework for Complex Systems of Solvers
Francois Jacques Sanson, Olivier Le Maitre, Pietro Marco Congedo
Solution of Richards' Equation Using Generalized Differences and Adaptive Time Integration.
Francisco J. Domínguez-Mota, Carlos Chávez-Negrete, Daniel Santana-Quinteros, Cuauhtémoc Rivera-Loaiza, Gerardo Tinoco-Guerrero
Iterative Solution of Horizontal Linear Complementarity Problems in Hydrodynamic Lubrication
Francesco Mezzadri, Emanuele Galligani
A Quantile-based Approach for the Robust Optimization of a Supersonic ORC Turbine Cascade
Nassim Razaaly, Giacomo Persico, Giulio Gori, Pietro Marco Congedo
An Adaptive Curvature and Gradient Based Grid Generation Method
Bonita Valerie Saunders
Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Poromechanics
Radim Blaheta
Numerical Investigation on the Acoustic Band Structure of Tensegrity Chains
Ada Amendola, Anastasiia Krushynska, Chiara Daraio, Nicola M. Pugno, Fernando Fraternali


ClusterKDE Algorithm for Clustering Data Based on Kernel Density Estimation
Solange Regina dos Santos

MS1-Numerical Methods in Functions and Data Approximation

Path reconstruction using Bezier splines and clusterization
Enrico Bertolazzi, Marco Frego
B-spline Bases on the Interval for the Numerical Solution of Fractional Differential Problems
Enza Pellegrino, Laura Pezza, Francesca Pitolli
Trivariate Blending Spline Quasi-interpolation
Domingo Barrera, Catterina Dagnino, María José Ibáñez, Sara Remogna
SPH Method: Numerical Investigations and Applications
Elisa Francomano, Marta Paliaga
A Fourier Approach to Spline Hermite Interpolation
Costanza Conti, Lucia Romani, Michael Unser
Reconstruction of Images with Discontinuities via Variably Scaled Discontinuous Kernels: Applications to MPI
Francesco Marchetti, Stefano De Marchi, Emma Perracchione
Construction of a New Family of Non-stationary Hermite Subdivision Schemes Reproducing Exponential Polynomials
Byeongseon Jeong, Jungho Yoon
A Kinetic Neural Network Approach for Absolute Quantification and Change Detection in Positron Emission Tomography.
Davide Poggiali
On Polynomial Reproduction of Hermite Subdivision
Costanza Conti, Svenja Huening
Reconstruction of Discontinuous Functions Using Multiquadric Local Interpolation with Adaptive Parameter Estimation
Francesc Arandiga, Rosa Donat, Lucia Romani, Milvia Rossini
Barycentric rational Hermite interpolation with no poles and high rates of approximation
Emiliano Cirillo, Kai Hormann
Fast and Accurate Interpolation of Scattered Hermite Type Data
Francesco Dell'Accio

MS2 - Modelling and Simulation of Complex Biological Systems

Describing Cell Behavior and Motion with PDE Chemotaxis Models
Gabriella Bretti
Collective Dynamics: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulations
Marta Menci
Non-local Hybrid Model for Collective Cell Migration
Annachiara Colombi
On Chip Reconstitution of Complex Biological Systems: a Bridge between Biology and Mathematical Models
Adele De Ninno
A One-dimensional Vertical Ecosystem Model for Lake Dynamics
Fasma Diele, Mariasilvia Giamberini, Carmela Marangi, Angela Martiradonna, Antonello Provenzale

MS3. Signal and Data Processing: Theory and Applications

Background Subtraction - Adaptive SVD revealing Moving Objects
Günther Reitberger
A Normalized Information Based Method for Efficient Signal Representation
Vittoria Bruni, Lorenzo Della Cioppa, Domenico Vitulano
Pattern recognition in X-ray CT and PET images
Cristina Campi
Multiple Multiresolution for Images
Dörte Rüweler, Tomas Sauer
On a Class of Fractional Refinable Functions
Laura Pezza
An Iterative Spectrogram Reassignment of Frequency Modulated Multicomponent Signals
Vittoria Bruni, Michela Tartaglione, Domenico Vitulano
Learning Conditional Independence Graphs via Sparsity
Daniela De Canditiis, Armando Guardasole
Computational Bayesian Methods for ECG Denosing
Salvatore Cuomo, Rosanna Compagna, Raffaele Farina
Characterization of Hölder-Zygmund Spaces via Non-shift-invariant Tight Frames
Alberto Viscardi
Big Data Challenges in Imaging from Computer Tomography
Tomas Sauer
The Phase Retrieval Problem in Ptychographical Imaging
Nada Sissouno
Mathematical Algorithms for Digital Image Processing and Applications
Gianluca Vinti

MS4 - Mathematical Modelling in Materias with Memory and Nonlinear Phenomena

A Phase Transition Model for Auxetic Materials
Elena Bonetti
Modeling Particle-Laden and Poroacoustic Flow Phenomena via the Generalized Continua Approach
Pedro M Jordan
On the Zeros of Entire Functions.
Federico Zullo
Thermoelectric efficiency of graded SicGe1-c alloy
Vito Antonio Cimmelli, Patrizia Rogolino
A Viscoelastic Equation with Nonlinear Density and Memory Effects
Monica Conti
Steady States and Nonlinear Buckling of Cable-suspended Beam Systems
Claudio Giorgi, Elena Vuk, Ivana Bochicchio
Boundary Value Problems in Irregular Domains
Maria Rosaria Lancia, Simone Creo, Paola Vernole
Viscoelastic and Magneto-viscoelastic Materials: an Overview on Recent Results
Sandra Carillo

MS5 - Mesh Generation and Adaption for Simulation-based Engineering

GPU parallelization of mesh adaptation techniques by node movement in a Riemanian metric
William Bussière, Francois Guibault
Simulations in Large Tridimensional Discrete Fracture Networks (DFN): I. Geometric Modeling and Mesh Generation
Patrick Laug, Geraldine Pichot
Simulations in Large Tridimensional Discrete Fracture Networks (DFN): II. Flow Simulations
Geraldine Pichot, Patrick Laug, Jocelyne Erhel, Romain Le Goc, Caroline Darcel, Philippe Davy, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy
Implementation of a Learning Environment for Grid Generation
Ricardo Camarero
Mesh Generation for Building Aerodynamics: Challenges, Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Alessandro Gambale