The set of topics of the workshop includes the presentation of innovative technologies dealing with all aspects of computational processes, from effective grid generation methodologies to the definition of advanced approximation methods, the identification and application of efficient PDE numerical solution algorithms, the development of powerful tools for the visualization of results. Classical and new fields of application which are getting more and more computationally complex are welcome.   Moreover even topics dealing with approaches and tools for advanced pre- and post-doc education are of relevance. Representative topics:

  • Geometry modeling
  • Numerical grid generation and quality assessment
  • Interpolation and approximation
  • Numerical methods for PDEs
  • Scientific computing approaches and tools
  • Numerical modeling and simulation
  • Nonlinear Waves
  • Materials with memory
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Biomathematics
  • Scientific visualization
  • Images processing and applications
  • Innovative education and dissemination

Authors are required to submit their (maximum one-page) ABSTRACTS, including title, name of the author(s) with speaker in bold, by the given deadline.

FULL PAPERS for the MASCOT Proceedings and/or journal Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (Elsevier) will be required by separated call AFTER the meeting respectively. A few months will separate the given deadlines.