October 2, 2018 – October 5, 2018

MASCOT2018 (view the poster) will be held at

University of Rome La Sapienza, Civil and Industrial Engineering Faculty,

Via Eudossiana 18, Rome


Mini-Symposia or Special Sessions (title, organizer, half-page description, list of speakers and titles): by email to by June 15
Each Contribution (oral or poster) abstract: online submission at this website
by June 30


MASCOT2018  is the 15th meeting in a series of IMACS/ISGG  Annual  International Workshops that  started in 2001, most held in Rome, Italy.  Their  initial objective  was  concerned with algorithms and methods associated with solving partial differential equations by computers, for modern simulations by grid generation, approximation theory, visualization. It then evolved closer to the fields of a large spectrum of application with topics in mathematical modeling, in science and engineering that are at the source of the problems being solved.

Perhaps more importantly, the MASCOT  workshops have served over the years  as a meeting place for scientists coming  from  different parts of the World, though mostly Europe, scientists coming from a variety  of disciplines, and very importantly,  allowing   young researchers to meet with senior generations.

Aim of MASCOT2018 is the presentation and discussion of innovative technologies dealing with all aspects of computational processes. We recall, but without limiting to them, methodologies for effective grid generation, advanced approximation methods, identification and application of efficient PDE numerical solution   
algorithms, the development of powerful tools for image processing and scientific visualization. The workshop would like to bring together developers and users of computational methods and software tools to go deeper into advantages of new methodologies, discuss applications and results, illustrate educational approaches, identify new needs and innovative development directions in a growing variety of problems in applied mathematics.


  • Tony Jakeman (Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)
  • Angelo Morro (University of Genova - Italy)
  • Bharat Soni (Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, USA)
  • Sauro Succi (I.A.C.-C.N.R., Roma, Italy and Harvard University, Cambridge, USA)
  • Thiab R Taha ( University of Georgia, Athens, USA)

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